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..:: GradCircles By Color ::..

1Blue-40.gif Blue 1Gold-40.gif Gold1Green-40.gif Green 1Purple-40.gif Purple 1Red-40.gif Red

1Green-40.gif GradCircles lblue6.jpg Lines green2.jpg SewSally

red_sm1.gif Candles flarehart1.jpg Masks v10.gif VInes

..:: Tags ::.. Use TTF's Fonts and Dings
Make Charsets - Draw Borders - Use Filters

..:: 2D Image To 3D image ::..
By Composite Multiply Over a 3 Column
PHP Script Created Image

What Is This GD Thing?
GD = "Graphics Draw"

Most of the images from my Shamrocks index have been created by making a image from a php script. Then composited on dingbat Blanks, masks, models etc. They have a richness and depth when composited or animated I think you will l find appealing. These three people introduced me to GD's helped me with the php scripts.

Visit their sites to learn more.Dave Sally and
Qualee- GDLines YES we are having fun now!

The basic concept is this:
Take this code and create a: .txt file Change the extension from .txt to .php and you get this: .php Transload the .php file and change the extension to .png


We are having some challenges changing the colors on the gradcircles from inside the PHP scripts. We can't figure out how to change the colors so they remain rich and hold the depth other than the red, and the white in the PHP scripts? So we are changing the colors in other ways.

Here is the text file for the white gradcircle: 1w1.txt The .gif example: 1w1.gif

..:: UPDATE! ::..
Nancy has written this Tutorial
on Gradient Circles: Excellent!
US4.php . Boutell . Notes: Sally . Notes: Qualee
NQ Harts (My Copy) . Coloring Grad-Circles and Sunbursts by comp'n a color tile . Oilpaint22
Making Charsets - Do A DIng

ImageMagick Command Line

Mr. C's command line scripting will be of great help I feel. Take a look at the coding and see if you don't agree. Our command line is a PHP script.

The Anatomy of the Command Line

MagickCore LowLevel Core

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