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The comment was made that my Moons Stars site was HUGE. This is my reply.

~Me to a friend in email~

My sites pages tutorials were about twice the size you see now. Over 100 tutorial pages over 15,000 files approx.
This was at DS alone.

At the end of April when my was all hosted at DS (250 free-fee[paid] & the zone backup) I had with Randall's & Ultra's[Doug] help installed and fine tuned a
htaccess script that delivered that BBB image if the file was not sourcing from my base url or domain name of So people could make a copy but not hotlink/direct link.

The month of April my stats were at over 750,000 hits. Yup. Over 3/4 of million. Most of that was hotlinkers. That is why I did the .htaccess thing.

Today in September 2005 750,000 hits a month is small compared to 3 to 4 million hits a month it has been getting for close to 2 years running. Yes every month. Most of the traffic is new visitors. Finding this site with a search engine. Thankfully the amount of hot linkers / remote linkers / direct linkers is getting fewer and fewer. Still a large problem though. I can tell you that my default image that the .htaccess script delivers is the image that gets the most hits! LOL It's working alright. Badda bing!

So you are correct bandwidth is a problem. All the hotlinking slowed down =MY= use of my own files.

Not to mention the added pull on the DS server serving up all those files when home pages BBS or whatever were viewed.
=Every view=

If I didn't have the zone without a bandwidth ceiling I couldn't provide what I do without paying for other peoples use. That is why I don't host anything large at 250free even though I have always had a paid account there.(meaning websites like Moons Stars or the Roses that get a lot of hits) Also why my friend and I wrote the page Bandwidth 101 so people understand what that odd elusive thing that bandwidth is and the concept of bandwidth use a bit more. (hopefully lol).

I lost a lot when DS went down. I was approx 1 week from completing a total re-work of all pages & re-organizing. All pages HTML checked Viewed the same by all browsers. Had been working on that for over a month and a half. I was then going to mirror complete copies at 250free & download to my PC. Also burn to CDRom. I didn't get that far.

Then came the Brazilian Eye Goo Gang and slimmed us.

Oh well you can't keep a "Image Hoe" from rebuilding (me to self 'But dood you just did this, you re-did everything!' ...shhhh .. I know... I know....)

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